We provide auto paint repair services to meet your needs. The appearance of scratches and chips on your vehicle’s paint job can cause resale problems for your car by affecting its overall appearance. If left untreated, chips and scratches from minor paint damage can lead to rust problems later on. Fortunately, our I-CAR Gold Class certified painters can service paint jobs on a variety of makes and models.

During the process of everyday driving, almost all vehicles receive minor damage from debris on the roadway. Gravel and rocks are tossed around by tires at high speeds, which can damage the finish on your car. Paint issues can also occur from a more serious problem, like a collision. If you’ve experienced any of these issues, trust the experts at our auto paint repair center to restore your vehicle to showroom new condition.

Our auto paint repair procedure consists of inspecting the surface to be painted for damage and, after performing the necessary repairs, begin the repainting. This process requires a sterile surface that’s clean and free from damage. Then the repaired area is prepared for paint by applying primer and smoothing the body.

Computerized mixing technology is used by our technicians to match the paint to be applied with the vehicle’s color and finish. First the basecoat is added, and then clear coat is applied afterwards to match your car’s appearance. Finally, a last spot check is performed to apply any cosmetic touch-ups, if needed.

Auto paint repair matters, and our experts know not only how to fix a car, but make it look great. Stop by our service center today and our I-CAR Gold Class certified painters will be happy to perform all of your auto paint repair needs with industry standard tools and expertise.

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