Who we are

We are a family owned business with a long and successful relationship with the San Fernando Valley. Our home is the Valley and we are dedicated to providing the best possible repairs for our friends and neighbors.

We have learnt that our true worth is in the trust we have established with our customer base. To have customers simply leave their cars and tell to fix it is simply humbling. It has taught us that the greatest asset that we have are our clients.

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Mission Statement

As vehicle manufacturer’s began incorporating exotic materials into their cars we immediately sent our body men to the appropriate schools to learn the art of repairing these materials. As new types of materials come into the market we will ensure that our staff will receive the correct training.

Our commitment to the environment has never faulted and we constantly do what ever we can to help reduce our carbon footprint. We have installed two state of the art downdraft heated paint booths and have connected more areas of the shop where potentially contaminated water may be present to our clarifier system. We have also installed a water clarifier system at our new shop again with the intent to reduce contamination We will continue to control the contaminants we produce in our day to day operation.

It is our intent to find ways to improve our operation and present an even better repair system to our many clients.

Why Choose Us

We are a full service body shop equipped to repair any type of accident
Your car has been painted with low VOC paint that requires special attention and equipment during the
painting process.
To achieve the finish that these low VOC paints require, we have installed two state of the art heated down
draft paint booths.
VOC’s Volatile Organic Compounds.

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Quick Contact

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