Thorough Aluminum Body Work and Color Matching Services in Glendale, California

We have been trained in the repair of aluminum and other exotic materials. Each of our employees are craftsmen with years of experience in the art of body repair. With our strong emphasis on maintaining a high standard of repair, we make sure that he has sufficient time to effect the standard of repair that you deserve and we require.

As manufacturers changed both the materials and methods used in the construction of your car, our body men have been sent to the appropriate training facility so that they are current with the latest technology.

We have emphasized the training in the repair of the new exotic materials that are rapidly becoming the major component of your vehicle. Our people have been trained in the repair of Aluminum, carbon fiber, plastic, light weight steel and other related materials.

We compound this by using only the very finest quality paints and materials during the repair process giving you a superior finish that easily matches the original factory product.

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