A vehicle’s paint job can affect your car’s resale value and lead to serious issues if chips and dents are left untreated, like the presence of rust. Of course, appearance is everything, which is why our body shop is happy to provide top-of-the-line cosmetic services to meet your needs.

At our service center, we provide auto painting services with the latest technology possible, including computerized mixing tools. This not only restore’s your car’s look to showroom new condition, but guarantees that each customer receives the very best paint job possible.

Our I-CAR Gold Class certified painters have the expertise necessary to perform auto painting services on various makes and models of cars and provide the most accurate color possible. We use only the highest quality paints and finishes in the industry, and we routinely research new finishes as car designs continue to evolve.

There’s more to auto paint than color. Paint provides many protective functions for your vehicle in addition to enhancing its appearance: there are multiple layers of coatings on the exterior of a vehicle. For this reason, it’s important that these finishes are applied properly, which is why auto painting requires a certain level of skill and expertise to ensure that your vehicle is maintained properly.

Our auto paint service starts by ensuring the surface to be painted is clean and free from damage and defects that could affect the vehicle’s final appearance. Afterwards, our technicians begin by applying primer to the vehicle and sanding down the surface. This ensures that the body of the material is ready for paint to be applied.

Afterwards, computerized mixing technology is used to match the basecoat to the car’s current paint. Next, the basecoat is applied, followed by clear coat to protect the vehicle’s paint and restore the car to its original finish. Finally, a technician checks the paint job for imperfections and, if necessary, perform the appropriate touch-ups.

We take your auto painting needs seriously. The cosmetic services we provide ensure your vehicle leaves our service center in the best possible condition. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the quality of your paint job, feel free to bring your vehicle.

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